Wake up Wall Street as jobs report dumps


What you need to know on Friday, September 3rd:

We have good news and bad news Employment Report. However, the market is likely to see this as good news as bad news means more incentives in the longer term. The bad news at the time was that fewer jobs were being created in the US than expected, with non-farm payrolls at 235,000, well below a forecast of 733,000. Will the economy slow down then? US futures bounced around on release, but for now the bears are winning. We’re just warming up here. The bond market was relatively unmoved, but the dollar weakened. The bigger picture means the Fed has more reason to postpone its taper plans and rate hikes. The Nasdaq should be the big beneficiary today and outperform.

Bitcoin appears to be the big winner as it appears to have finally broken through and held the $ 50,000 level. Crypto stocks are almost all higher in pre-market trading. Oil is finally back above $ 70 while gold is at $ 1,820.

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The European markets are mixed: Eurostoxx -0.2%, Dax flat and FTSE + 0.3%.

US futures are now flat after the employment figure initially skyrocketed.

SPY stock news

Pager requirement (PD) 13% pre-marketing versus results with less loss than expected.

I HAVE Shares are up 6% ahead of market price, according to a mysterious Bloomberg report on rumors of Chinese government investment. (look here).

Western Digital (WDC) 2% up on Japanese report downplaying potential for merger with Kioxia.

MongoDB (MDB) Results above estimates, stocks rose 12% before launch.

Cassava Science (CAVA) by 12% before placing on the market as a response to recent allegations is published.

United Micro Electronics (UMC) 7% ahead of the market due to continued sector strength and speculation about price hikes.

Bitcoin blows up $ 50,000 – most crypto stocks are stocked up in the premarket. MARA RIOT, MSTR, COIN.

FUBO receives Arizona approval for mobile betting. Pre-market up by 4%.

Documentary (DOCU) 3% on strong results.

Upgrades, downgrades and premarket movers

Source: Benzinga Pro

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