UK tech jobs fall, but demand for skills is growing

According to a new analysis by consulting firm Accenture, the number of technology jobs in the UK has fallen sharply over the past year.

The company’s UK Tech Talent Tracker says the number of job openings on LinkedIn’s Professional Network division in the UK has decreased more than half (57 percent) in the past 12 months, with a total of 55,000 vacancies being filled. In most cases, it was data analytics and cybersecurity jobs that drove the average down. These two fell 53 percent and 54 percent, respectively.

At the same time, 35,000 jobs were advertised for cloud computing alone. This made cloud computing the most sought-after technology competence in Great Britain last year. The number of AI jobs rose 73 percent to 6,800 in six months, while robotics rose by almost two-thirds to over 3,000.

Blockchain-related positions rose 50 percent, quantum computers 46 percent.

However, technical skills are by far the most sought-after in the country, with some cutting-edge technologies growing in demand in some cities.

Accenture saw increasing demand for robotics skills in a number of UK cities – 115 percent in Liverpool, 253 percent in Leeds and 450 percent in Newcastle. Yet nearly half (41 percent) of all technology-related job postings are in London and a third of all UK tech professionals live in the capital.

Oxford is cementing its position as a growing tech hub, the region added, saying the region has seen demand for quantum skills surge by 3,400 percent since July, according to Accenture. Edinburgh (114 percent), London (96 percent) and Manchester (82 percent) are also considered to be important quantum centers.

“While the pandemic has put a heavy strain on the entire UK tech job market, certain technical skills are still in high demand,” said Shaheen Sayed, Accenture’s UK and Ireland technology leader. “Ensuring UK businesses have access to the right technical talent is vital not only to recovery from the pandemic, but also to future economic growth.”

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