U.S. creates modest 559,000 jobs in May, pointing to widespread labor shortages



The US created a modest 559,000 new jobs in May, although most companies are eagerly seeking new jobs, suggesting that widespread labor shortages are holding back economic recovery. See full story.

Why markets got stuck and what could get them moving again

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Elon Musk ends Bitcoin? When it comes to cryptic tweets, some crypto cops fear the worst.

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Higher prices aren’t always bad. Sometimes they push producers and consumers to make necessary changes

“Chipageddon” is not the end of the world. Rather, it gives the chip manufacturers a clear signal to ramp up production and increase supply. See full story.

“Don’t Feel Pressed To Return To Society”: Many Americans Are Afraid of Returning to the Office – Here’s How To Prepare

As vaccination rates continue to rise, more companies are requiring their employees to work in person a few days a week. See full story.


Krispy Kreme has already given free 1.5 million donuts to vaccinated customers. See full story.