Twitter mulls major Bitcoin investment


S.alesforce has announced that it will offer employees more flexibility after the end of the pandemic and give employees the opportunity to work remotely full-time.

The San Francisco-based company said, “An immersive workspace is no longer limited to a desk in our towers. The 9-5 workday is dead. Employees are about more than ping pong tables and snacks.”

The cloud computing giant added that nearly half of its employees only want to come a few times a month, but also that 80pc want to keep maintaining a connection to a physical room.

This is in line with results from a new Morgan Stanley employee survey that found that demand for work from home has not decreased two days a week as the pandemic dragons.

The coronavirus has raised employee expectations of their relationship with the office, with the majority keen to spend at least some of their time away from home once the virus is under control.

A September YouGov study found that only 40 percent of UK based workers said they no longer wanted to work from home after their home stay orders were canceled.

While a major shift to remote working would allow companies to downsize their office space, there are fears that doing so would destroy the “lunch economy” and put coffeeshops and lunch places that depend on office workers out of business.

The Salesforce announcement follows other big tech companies who have said they are also thinking about new ways of working.

Twitter has told most of its 5,000 employees that they can work from home permanently. As part of Microsoft’s hybrid workplace plan, employees can even move to another country if they get approval from their manager.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, also said he expects half of his company’s workforce to work remotely over the next 10 years.

Google hasn’t postponed returning to the office until next September at the earliest, despite the fact that the company has advised employees to keep their commuting distance from the office.