Tweet Buster: Bullish on bitcoin? Then why spend it to buy stuff!

After two straight weeks of losses, the cheers returned to Dalal Street last week when headline Nifty50 rebounded 2.5 percent. While all industry indices skyrocketed, the India VIX fear indicator was in the red on the weekly scale. The Nifty Metal Index rose the most, posting a gain of nearly 13 percent for the week. At the beginning of a new quarter, the entire focus of Dalal Street gradually shifted to the results for the March quarter.

In this edition of Tweet Buster, we scan the world with 280 characters to bring out the best investment gems, market strategies and market prospects from the market gurus.

Leveraged blowout

On this thread, Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath explains what went wrong at U.S. hedge fund Archegos, arguing that the chances of such an explosion in India are much lower due to stricter regulations.

The big news last week was the explosion of a leveraged hedge fund Archegos and how it caused billions in losses …

– Nithin Kamath (@ Nithin0dha) 1617449176000

Share idea

Value investor Arun Mukherjee gave a tip for those looking for an EV game.

#TataChemicals: Introduction of InsperiCo, the world’s first recycled cobalt from the brand, which is obtained from the recycling of lithium-ion batteries …

– Arun Mukherjee (@Arunstockguru) 1617291806000
Are Metal Stocks That Cheap?
PMS fund manager Basant Maheshwari said the P / E ratio that some metals companies are trading on for their EPS for FY22 will confuse you whether the number you see is a P / E ratio or the P / E ratio of the stock being analyzed.

The P / E ratio that some metals companies are trading on for their EPS for Fiscal Year 22 will confuse you whether the number you have …

– Basant Maheshwari (@BMTheEquityDesk) 1617291773000
Sip by sip
Kalpen Parekh, president of the DSP Mutual Fund, said SIP is not an answer to all investment problems, but instead provides automated storage and an investment when the net asset value drops. He said it also makes sure its frequency fits our income cycle – monthly salary.

SIP is not the answer to all investment problems. However, it ensures the following: 1) We don’t give out the SIP rate every month …

– Kalpen Parekh (alKalpenParekh) 1617518812000
The big bitcoin question
Samir Arora from Helios Capital asked what will happen to Bitcoin prices when more and more companies such as Paypal, Visa, Tesla, etc. accept the cryptocurrency for transactions. In another tweet, he said that Max Life Insurance’s CIO Mihir Vora has the best explanation: “If I expect the price to go up, why am I going to spend Bitcoin? So if everyone thinks the same, there will be no transactions . But if there is no use for transactions. Then what is it worth? ”

The best (and easiest to understand) answer is from my friend @theMihirVWhen I expect the price to go up, why then …

– Samir Arora (@Iamsamirarora) 1617153325000
Correction is a friend
Independent market expert Sandip Sabharwal said investors looking to hold a stock for 5-10 years should want deep corrections as they get more shares for the same amount of money.

If you want to hold a stock for 5-10 years to get a price, you should want deep corrections as you get more. No o …

– Sandip Sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1617519137000
Investment strategies
Here is a collection of gemstones from microcap investor Ian Cassel:

If compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world, then the composite effect of good decision making is …

– Ian Cassel (@iancassel) 1616979709000

All it takes is a few big winners in your life to beat the market. Everyone else will try to undermine you …

– Ian Cassel (@iancassel) 1617136629000

Any position should have the potential to move your entire portfolio if it works big. This game is too hard to no …

– Ian Cassel (@iancassel) 1617285239000

When a management team is running, business grows, inventory increases and the position becomes a larger percentage of your portfolio …

– Ian Cassel (@iancassel) 1617474929000

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