Top 7 Cryptocurrency Jobs to Consider in May 2021

by Disha Ganguli
May 6, 2021

These cryptocurrency jobs open up new opportunities in the crypto space.

With the digitization of the world, the currency is following the example of digitization. Introduced in 1991, the cryptocurrency was a revolutionary move by cryptographers Scott Stornetta and Stuart Haber towards the financial sector. Later in 2009, the Bitcoin software was released, which gave rise to the concept of mining digital assets.

However, bitcoin and cryptocurrency often encounter controversy and still go sluggishly to gain maximum popularity. However, 2020 was a turning point for cryptocurrency as it required contactless communication on financial issues as well. Given the increasing number of cases of fraud in traditional transaction methods, cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency mining are viewed by experts as a sensible alternative.

The industry is recognizing the need for cryptocurrency in the world and is looking for a workforce that fully understands this digital currency and can implement it well. Fintechs, who often deal with cryptocurrency, strive to democratize it by making it globally easy and accessible. For those of you who are passionate about crypto and looking for a job in this particular area, here is a list of job notifications to make your search easier:

1. PayPal

Job Description– Specialist in cryptocurrency research

Responsibilities: Investigation and analysis of current trends revolving around cryptocurrency and digital assets. Identifying boundary guidelines and curating reports on them.

Salary package: $ 61,000 to $ 84,000 per year

about the company– PayPal is a well-known virtual platform with which money transactions can be carried out quickly and easily online.

2. ChainLink Labs

Job Description– Junior Data Analyst

Responsibilities– The position is specifically intended for freshmen and is reserved for those who have a strong interest in learning and developing cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency data, and analytics, as well as those who can also act as a network monitoring tool assistant and generate critical insights. Candidates nominated for this position are expected to have commendable adaptability and proactivity with a firm willingness to work closely with the team and learn every day.

Salary package: $ 54,000 to $ 75,000 per year

about the company– ChainLink Labs has its reputation as a leading provider of secure and reliable blockchain oracle solutions. It promotes and strengthens smart contracts by connecting them to a variety of data sources and off-chain calculations.

3. Block Fi

Job Description– Mining Accounting Associate

Responsibilities– The employee is responsible for staking rewards from staked cryptocurrencies. The role includes working and researching the avant-garde, or precisely the latest developments in the field of crypto, and generating useful insights from it.

Salary package: $ 60,000 to $ 83,000 per year

about the company– BlockFi is a company known to provide liquidity, transparency and efficiency to all digital financial markets. It thrives by building bridges between traditional and digital financial markets to enable active participation on a global basis.

4. Coinbase

Job Description– Procurement of contract managers

Responsibilities– You first have to have an attitude of adaptability to a modern and fast-moving environment and you can work under strict deadlines. Also, one has to work on a variety of commercial marketing agreements and partnership agreements.

Salary package: $ 68,000 to $ 94,000 per year

about the company– Coinbase has its reputation as the largest cryptocurrency platform serving 30 million accounts in 100 countries. It has also done a great deal in raising awareness of the importance of cryptocurrency and the need to introduce it.

5. CoinFlip

Job Description– Executive Personal Assistant to the CEO

Responsibilities– As the name suggests, the company is looking for employees with excellent verbal communication skills who are smart, detail-oriented and quick in performing tasks. Anyone who is hired for this role should remain motivated even in harsh circumstances and not easily intimidated.

Salary package: $ 45,000 to $ 55,000 per year

about the company– CoinFlip is a globally recognized network that operates crypto ATMs, making selling and buying crypto a breeze.

6. Morgan Stanley

Job Description– Equity Research, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Lead Analyst

Responsibilities– The team in the Equity Research department invests in macroeconomic and microeconomic research and gathers financial information in order to carry out analyzes on these and to formulate important investment recommendations for clients. Only candidates with a passion for crypto are preferred.

Salary package : $ 110,000 to $ 150,000 per year

about the company– Morgan Stanley is a company that invests heavily in its clients’ investment processes. The interactive contact with its clients focuses primarily on risk-reward fundamentals such as identifying investor disputes and accessing all potential outcomes.

7. Facebook

Job Description– Global AML Compliance Manager at Novi

Responsibilities– Facebook is trying to build a new team from Global AML that needs a manager at the earliest. Interested candidates are expected to work closely with the team to strategize and support the development and implementation of the BSA and AML compliance obligations. The manager will also work closely with the FIU to identify money laundering threats across the blockchain ecosystem.

Salary package: $ 82,000 to $ 110,000 per year

about the company– Novi is a subsidiary of Facebook that was recently founded. Novi’s goal is to provide people with efficient financial services and to make it easier for them to participate in the Diem network.

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