by Aratrika Dutta
July 2, 2021

Let’s take a look at the top 10 highest paying jobs in technology for 2021.

With the development of modern technology and extensive digital transformation, there is tremendous availability of the highest paid jobs in technology. In the past career opportunities were limited, there were only a few jobs in certain industries such as medicine or IT. But now there are many ways a person can get certified even if they are still working.

Would you like to give your career a good start and assure yourself of your abilities?

Here is the list of the top 10 highest paid tech jobs for you.

1. Data scientist

For every company today, data is the most valuable asset. Hence, the primary responsibility of a data scientist is to analyze and identify all of the data collected and then interpret the complex variables and shapes of that data. In order to become a data scientist, one must have sufficient knowledge in the areas of machine learning, data visualization, deep learning, mathematics and computer science.

Job role for data scientists

  • Creation of data models
  • Programming languages ​​such as Python and other analysis tools
  • Understand and work with machine learning algorithms
  • Identify business problems and offer solutions
  • Data Scientists can earn up to $ 150,000 per year

2. Big data architect

Users generate over 2.5 trillion bytes of data every day, but that data in its raw form is impractical and useless. Therefore, over 98% of companies invest in big data in order to identify, analyze and interpret this data. There is a need for big data architects here. Big Data Architect Job Role – Plan, design, and manage large scale deployments of big data applications from start to finish. Skills required for this role are programming skills, data visualization skills, and communication skills.

The average salary for a big data architect is $ 140,000 per year.

3. IoT (Internet of Things) Solution architect

One of the fastest growing technologies today is the Internet of Things (IoT). It ensures fast and smooth data exchange through the use of AI and machine learning. The IoT solution architect bridges the gap between technical and non-technical roles. An IoT solution architect is responsible for leading and participating in all architecture and design related activities. An IoT architect should have skills such as hardware design and architecture, strong programming skills, and knowledge of machine learning.

IoT architects can make an average of $ 130,000 a year.

4. Software architect

A software architect’s primary role is to streamline the development process by making design decisions and creating technical standards for coding, tools, and platforms. They are hired by the organization to test and develop software for them. The role of software architects is to understand customer requirements and do practical work to develop software prototypes. Mandatory skills to become a software architect include understanding software architecture, programming skills, strong analytical skills, and data modeling.

The demand for software architects is huge, with companies paying well over $ 114,000 a year.

5. Blockchain engineer

This technology represents links in information and data chains that are repeatedly added to a particular network. A blockchain engineer develops and implements architecture and solutions using blockchain technology. Thorough understanding of Ripple, R3, Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc .; Understanding consensus procedures and security protocol stacks, crypto libraries and functions; Strong programming skills are required for a blockchain engineer.

As a blockchain engineer, you can make an average of $ 150,000 a year.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) architect

The job of an AI architect is to define, identify, design and create solutions that enable growth and productivity for businesses through automation. To become an AI architect, skills such as deep knowledge of math and statistics, solid programming skills with knowledge of Python, R and Torch, knowledge of TensorFlow and similar technologies, understanding of technologies related to AI such as machine learning, neural networks, and Deep learning required.

The average salary for an AI architect is $ 110,000 per year.

7. Cloud architect

Cloud computing is a mainstream technology that businesses and individuals around the world use on a daily basis. This resulted in many new jobs as a cloud architect. The job of a cloud architect is to help an organization develop a cloud architecture and strategy and coordinate their execution and application. To become a cloud architect, you need a deep understanding of cloud application architecture, knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud platform, and excellent communication skills.

A cloud architect can earn an average of $ 107,000 per year in this area.

8. Full stack developer

The job of a full stack developer is to control and develop both the front end and the back end of an organization. A full stack developer needs to have knowledge of technologies like MongoDB and Node.js, coding and scripting, basics of database technology, basics of web development, and know how to design and develop an API.

The average income of a full stack developer is $ 106,000 per year.

9. DevOps engineer

The job of a DevOps engineer is to process the tools and methods necessary to stabilize the requirements throughout the life cycle of the software development process. A DevOps engineer designs and maintains a deployment structure and applies cloud services to enable mechanization in Python and Ruby. To become a DevOps engineer, a person must be familiar with coding and scripting, deployment, and network operations to use tools like Git and Jenkins, Linux, or Unix system administration.

Their average annual salary is between $ 95,000 and $ 140,000.

10. Product manager

A product manager is responsible for helping the organization identify parameters for a product that is being created by the engineering team. A product manager is required to lead the development process for a product from conception to launch. Product managers also identify a product’s vision and work closely with other teams such as sales, marketing, engineering, and IT. A product manager must have a thorough understanding of the concept of PLM, the knowledge to manage the PivotalTracker, JIRA, or Asana product tools, analytical skills, and strong time management skills to meet the deadline.

The average salary for a product manager is over $ 100,000 per year.