These are the 5 most demanded jobs in Mexico (according to LinkedIn)

Do you know what the most sought after jobs in Mexico are in this new normal? LinkedIn analyzed the data in our country between February and March 2021 to find out which jobs are most in demand given the complicated work and economic outlook created by the current COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Software developer
  2. Sales manager
  3. Full stack engineer
  4. Seller
  5. Blockchain developer

From this list it can be seen that the jobs that have grown the most month-to-month with an increase of more than 30%, Blockchain Developer with a surprising month-to-month percentage growth of 2580%, Sales Executive with a monthly growth of 56% and Vendor are with four. Five%.

It has also identified the 5 national industries with the highest growth:

  1. sale
  2. design
  3. Media and communication
  4. Health sector
  5. Travel and Recreation

Most searched remote jobs


On the other hand, the professional social network identifies the most requested remote jobs in the world.

These are:

  1. Software developer
  2. Full stack engineer
  3. Architect of solutions
  4. User interface developer
  5. Account Executive
  6. Product Director
  7. Android developer
  8. Project director
  9. IOS developer
  10. Financial analyst

With this we can see that in Mexico the main growth positions are following the line of the international job market, as Software Engineer and Sales Executive are some of the jobs with growth both in our country and worldwide.

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