The largest ICO of 2021 is underway, a claim by the Student Coin Project that is not far from the truth as it is backed by one of the largest communities in the world – Academia. Run by students, faculties and entrepreneurs from over 20 different universities, Student Coin is an initiative to create an easy-to-use universal ecosystem for extensive tokenization in various industries.

The project is based on a native STC token and creates an ideal balance between the business and educational part by creating a DeFi ecosystem with products such as STC wallet, STC terminal, STC exchange, STC app and an educational panel.

Tokenization for personal and professional needs

Industries and individuals are studying the use of blockchain technology in their regular business. As the need for tokenization continues to grow, Student Coin allows users to easily design, create, and manage personal, corporate, NFT, and DeFi tokens based on their needs. These tokens work like any other utility token with features like voting, engagement, governance, and more.

The Student Coin ecosystem has a number of tools and utilities that will help users get the most out of the platform’s capabilities. The entire range of the Student Coin ecosystem can be accessed via the Student Coin app. The STC Wallet application, available in the Student Coin app, allows users to store and manage STC and other cryptocurrencies. It also implements a stakeout feature that allows users to leverage STC and ETH to generate both daily and monthly returns.

STC terminal and exchange platform

The Student Coin project already has a working app and wallet. As investors continue to participate in the ongoing ICO, the platform continues to build other key features that set the project apart. The STC terminal is currently under development and is the place where users can create their own custom tokens in a few simple steps.

Meanwhile, the STC Exchange platform allows users to create custom tokens on the STC terminal to list for trading with the native STC or other popular crypto tokens. The STC exchange is also where users can find many premium tokens that are not available for trading anywhere else.

The launch of the STC Terminal and STC Exchange platforms is planned for the third quarter of 2021. This is the next quarter after the end of the ICO on April 30, 2021.

The educational angle

As an initiative of academics and entrepreneurs, Student Coin’s educational angle comes as no surprise. The Student Coin Educational Panel has a comprehensive list of courses that start with the fundamentals of blockchain technology. The educational material provided on the platform is intended to educate both students and enthusiasts about cryptocurrencies and includes tutorials on crypto assets, security in the crypto market and principles of investing. These courses are updated weekly.

Get Student Coin

The ongoing Student Coin Launchpad ICO is a great opportunity for investors to get started on the movement. The three-month token sale, which began on February 1, 2021, is almost coming to an end. In another 15 days, STC has already made remarkable progress and achieved a daily trading volume of more than 1 million US dollars. Since token sales went live, the STC value has increased significantly from $ 0.0063 to $ 0.0335 – an increase of 530% in just over 2 months.

STC’s value is only expected to increase as Student Coin continues to make great strides with its development roadmap. In the coming months, STC will be listed on many leading exchanges, followed by the launch of the STC terminal in July, the STC exchange in August, etc.

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