The Best Bitcoin Debit Cards for 2021


ClubSwan is an alternative banking platform for both crypto and traditional currencies. They offer a unique card which caters to the higher end of the market. They allow you to easily spend your crypto with the Club Swan card, which combines with their concierge services saving you up to 40% on travel, shopping, and experiences. Not only this but they offer one of the highest spend and funding limits globally.


  • Supports 9 cryptocurrencies

  • Caters for both crypto and traditional currencies

  • Discounts on travel, shopping, and experiences

The ClubSwan card allows you to convert and spend digital and traditional currencies in real time, anywhere on the planet. Enabling you to spend both digital and traditional currencies all across the world. Spend 150+ currencies in store or online with millions of shops and service providers.

What we enjoy about this account is that it adapts to the changing financial landscape. Club Swan bridges the gap between traditional and crypto currencies, allowing you to pay with either traditional or crypto currencies from anywhere.

It’s quite simple to open a Club Swan account. You can register using your computer or by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Your accounts will be automatically established after you have been accepted, and you will have access to all Club Swan features. On acceptance, a Club Swan debit card will be sent to you automatically.

————— is one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to offer a debit card and accepts over 90 cryptocurrencies. This makes our choice as the card with the best supported variety of cryptocurrencies.


  • Supports over 90 cryptocurrencies

  • No expense or monthly fees

  • Discounts on streaming services offers seven different metal Visa debit cards that allow cardholders to issue up to 90 cryptocurrencies and six fiat currencies anywhere a Visa card is accepted. Because of this, we selected them as the best due to their wide variety of supported cryptocurrencies.

To purchase any of the cards, cardholders must wager an amount of the company’s (formerly MCO) native CRO tokens. At the time of writing, a CRO token costs $ 0.13. Pricing for each card is 5,000 CRO ($ 650), 50,000 CRO ($ 6,500), 500,000 CRO ($ 65,000), and even five million CRO ($ 650,000).

Most Popular (and Affordable) 5,000 CRO Ruby Steel Card from offers 2% off every purchase, 100% off annual Spotify subscription, no ATM withdrawal fees for up to $ 400 per month and interbank Exchange rates for up to $ 400 each month $ 4,000 on exchanges.’s other cards offer 3% to 5% discounts, discounts on more streaming services, no ATM withdrawal fees, and interbank exchange rates for currency exchange with higher monthly limits.

Cardholders who don’t want to spend $ 650 on a Visa card can also opt for’s Midnight Blue card, which offers 1% off and no ATM fees for monthly withdrawals up to $ 200.