Steve Jobs going into Trump’s National Garden of American Heroes


Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is one of hundreds of people who will have a statue in the National Garden of American Heroes that President Trump ordered.

The list features a wide variety of men and women from history, including politicians, generals, explorers, inventors, writers, actors, and more.

Trump’s Executive Order calls them historically significant Americans. This means that it is “a person who has made significant contributions to American public life or otherwise made a significant influence on American history.”

Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple in 1976 in a garage. They built the Apple-1 by hand and later created the Apple II together. The Mac followed years later and helped popularize the home computer. The iPhone sparked smartphone madness, and the iPad turned tablets into everyday computers. Jobs died in 2011.

Further entries in the National Garden of American Heroes

The outgoing president created a task force in 2020 to designate the people to be accepted into the National Garden of American Heroes. In addition to Steve Jobs, Neil Armstrong, Daniel Boone, Walt Disney, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Charlton Heston, Chef Joseph, Annie Oakley, Jesse Owens, Rosa Parks, Shirley Temple, Nikola Tesla, Alex Trebek, George Washington and John Wayne are honored. Everyone on the list passed away.

Trump believes the statue garden is necessary because “the greatness and goodness of America has been under attack in recent months and years by dangerous anti-American extremism that seeks to destroy the history, institutions and identity of our country.”

It is up to President Biden’s Home Secretary to provide funding and select a location for the National Garden of American Heroes.

Source: White House