Square will manufacture a hardware wallet for Bitcoin, the company’s hardware lead Jesse Dorogusker announced on Thursday. CEO Jack Dorsey, who is also the CEO of Twitter, had said in June (in a tweetstorm, of course) that the company was considering doing one, and now Square has made the decision to move forward.

“We decided to develop a hardware wallet and service to make Bitcoin custody more mainstream,” said Dorogusker. “We will continue to ask and answer open questions. The response from this community to our thread on this project has been great – encouraging, generous, cooperative and inspiring. “

Dorsey has made no secret of his interest in Bitcoin. His Twitter bio just says “#bitcoin”, he showed a bitcoin clock when he testified in front of Congress, and he even said that if he didn’t work at Square and Twitter, he would be working on bitcoin. So it is perhaps not surprising that Square’s efforts will focus more on a hardware wallet for the cryptocurrency.

This hardware wallet won’t be Square’s first cryptocurrency-focused product. You can already buy and sell bitcoin using Square’s Cash app.