SEC can collect unpaid ICO promotion fines from Steven Seagal, says judge



Actor Steven Seagal owes the US Securities and Exchange Commission unpaid fines based on a settlement related to promoting an initial coin offering – and a US judge authorized the agency to seek collection.

Seagal owes more than $ 200,000, according to Bloomberg. As previously reported, Seagal reached an agreement with the agency after it was accused of failing to disclose payments related to its approval of the Bitcoiin ICO. As part of the deal, he was asked to pay more than $ 300,000.

According to the report, Seagal only paid the SEC $ 75,000. The agency previously went to court to explain its payment wars with Seagal.

Now the SEC can “call Seagal’s executives to try to raise funds,” according to Bloomberg.

The SEC has been tracking other promoters involved in Bitcoiin, which has been accused of being a Ponzi scheme. John DeMarr pledged a securities fraud conspiracy in July and faces conviction in January.

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