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SAFCOIN, a local cryptocurrency tech startup launched MobiJobs.Africa.

SAFCOIN starts MobiJobs.Africa

Neil Ferreira, CEO of SAFCOIN, provides insight into the goals of the platform.

“Our goal with MobiJobs is to help individuals in Africa to spread their skills and talents worldwide and to give small businesses the opportunity to access a global pool of skills when needed. Through the platform, users can gain experience, build their internship hours while studying, ask for testimonials from companies they’ve done assignments for, and build relationships with companies across Africa. All of this via a free cryptocurrency payment gateway that ensures they are paid for quickly and securely, with no transaction fees. “

MobiJobs. Africa

The new and innovative platform aims to connect companies with gig economy employees in order to streamline the recruitment process, strengthen employment opportunities and provide an easy way to connect individuals with potential employment opportunities. The service is free and available at all times.

The platform enables SMEs and startups to list jobs, search through possible employee profiles and create an online presence. This free service enables companies to lower their recruiting costs.

On the other hand, the platform enables freelancers to market themselves and secure jobs.

Freelancers are paid in SAFCOIN cryptocurrency and individuals do not need to have a bank account. Payments to freelancers are free of joining and transaction fees.

SAFCOIN created this offering because of the existing challenges that gig workers face in Africa, where many do not have a bank account and are therefore limited in their access to job opportunities. Payment is made via the secure SAFPay gateway. Payment is secured before the freelancer starts working and is released after the order has been completed.

“Africa is emerging as the fourth industrial revolution and we are proud to be at the forefront of creating awareness, educating people and connecting young people and businesses through blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms like SAFCOIN and MobiJobs,” added Ferreira.

By simply using a phone or laptop, Africans have access to global job opportunities and expand their skills.

The platform enables freelancers to communicate with clients, rate their experiences and manage their jobs.

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