NFT Explosion Coming over Next 2 Years & Will Create Jobs, Say Insiders


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Get ready when you think you have almost anything you can take out of the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – as industry insiders say at the BlockDown 4.0 conference that a non-fungible growth explosion is imminent in the near future 2 Years.

Comments were made at a conference panel discussion currently streamed on, titled “NFTs and the Metaverse: The Biggest Trend In Crypto?”

One of the panelists, The Sandbox CEO and Co-Founder Sebastien Borget, lamented the fact that brands seeking to capitalize on the NFT trend are simply “asking how to sell NFTs” while “a more long-term strategy is required.”

He said the current NFT push “only scratches the surface” and that an increase in “gaming and portable NFTs” and other uses for the technology would fuel an “explosion” over the next two years. According to this, governance-related issues would “gain the upper hand” as stakeholders tried to answer the question, “How will fully decentralized ecosystems work?”

But the good news for those who have already had a stomach full of NFTs is that insiders believe all of this will mean new jobs.

Borget believed that as the ecosystem grows, so will the need for content creators and curators who “can guide people through virtual worlds” as “digital identities” become more important than “physical identities”.

Pplpleasr, a 3D artist who made headlines last month after an NFT of her Uniswap promotional video sold $ 525,000 online, claimed that “a lot of people” are currently “viewing NFTs as money theft.” But, she added, this “will not be the case later” as it is not representative of “the right kind of mindset”.

“It’s more important to create value first,” she said. The developers then ideally tried to build the NFT framework around this value.

Jamie Burke, the CEO and founder of Metaverse Accelerator Outer Ventures, claimed his firm “worked with 100 startups this year, about half of which will be NFT-related”. He said that NFTs as well as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality technology would contribute to “no longer distinguishing between the physical and the virtual” in the future.

Currently, he said, NFT owners may only have the option to navigate their OpenSea pages, but “as NFTs become more social and influential, their value becomes more apparent”.

He added that the decentralized financial sector (DeFi) will gain in importance as “DeFi is not that interesting right now” but with an open metaverse that “unleashed” young people’s wealth, “which is mostly digital and not physical” , NFTs could “feed DeFi and create a super cycle.”

Burke stated:

“NFTs are the gateway drug in crypto and self-[sovereignity]. NFTs will be the gateway to the mainstream in Web 3.0 […] and will be 100 times the chance that crypto offers today. “

Cathy Hackl, a futurist and writer, said that NFTs currently “miss the level of experience” but represent the “endgame for the metaverse”.

NFTs, she added, will soon “have a layer of reality” and be visible through AR glasses and smartphone technology.

Hackl closed,

“The next Coco Chanel in the world will be a 10-year-old who is currently designing skins on Roblox.”

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