Steve Jobs once said:

“It comes down to exposing yourself to the best things people have done and then trying to bring those things into what you do. I mean, Picasso had a saying. He said, ‘Good artists copy, great artists steal. ‘And we [at Apple] has always been shameless when it comes to stealing great ideas. “

While Jobs may have quoted Picasso lightly on PBS ‘”Triumph of the Nerds” In 1996, his view was that the Macintosh was more of a repetition of previous computers and technologies than an entirely new innovation.

This point resonates with at least one billionaire colleague.

“”[E]It’s all a remix, “Cuban said, referring to the Kirby Ferguson film from 2010, which also includes Jobs’ quote.” I learned that early on in technology. “

“When I started, I told myself that when it comes to technology there are two people in the world: there are the people who created it and everyone else. I was with everyone else,” the Cuban said Twitch co-founder Justin Kan on a recent episode of The Quest podcast.

“So if I just did the work, I could be one step ahead of everyone else. I may not know as much as the creators, but if I deal with the creators, they could teach me.”

Indeed, the ability to draw on technology that is already available has led Cubans to devote themselves to lifelong learning, to which he now often attributes his success.

Since his early 20s, the Cuban has networked with developers and researchers, read various software books and taught himself to code.

“When I started doing this more and more, reading manuals, reading books, whatever it took, you started to understand all the concepts. Then I taught myself how to program, basic languages, and then do you understand the constructs of programming. I came to networking and understood networking. There are similarities at every step, “the Cuban told Kan.

After a few failed gigs after college, Cuban started his own computer systems company, MicroSolutions, which he sold to CompuServe in 1990 for $ 6 million. Five years later, Cuban and a friend, Todd Wagner, founded the Internet radio platform, which Yahoo acquired in 1999 for $ 5.7 billion in inventory. Since then, Cuban has invested in hundreds of successful companies.

And constant learning still serves Cubans today. “Now I know if I can keep up, whether it’s artificial intelligence, blockchain, tokens, NFTs, whatever it is, there are common threads in all of these things that make it easier to understand, if only I can Put the time in, “he says. “When I do a few tutorials, when I shape something [like an NFT] and go through the whole process i will understand. “

Then there is “the ‘Shark Tank’ side of me,” says the Cuban, wondering how could this be a business? “And then I start to think along those lines.”

Disclosure: CNBC owns the exclusive off-network cable rights to “Shark Tank”.

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