Looking for a job in blockchain? Bitcoin Association jobs board has got you covered


The Bitcoin Association made it easier to find job opportunities in the blockchain and digital currency space and launched its own job board earlier this month to connect people looking for job opportunities with companies that have an open position.

The job exchange currently has entries from five companies from the blockchain and digital currency industries. The options available range from roles you can work in for digital wallet providers like HandCash to development companies like Elas Digital and others.

“Anyone looking for career opportunities at Bitcoin SV can find them on the Bitcoin Association job board,” said Jimmy Nguyen, founding president of the Bitcoin Association, during the BSV Virtual Meetup – The Americas.

The job board is not only intended for people looking for work, but companies looking for a job can use the job board to submit their offers.

“The job exchange offers all companies the opportunity to upload their job offers,” said Nguyen.

You can find the job exchange on the Bitcoin Association website under the “Careers” tab. Any company interested in posting a job can submit a job advertisement. After submitting your company’s vacant position, the Bitcoin Association will review it and publish the list shortly thereafter.

The Bitcoin Association job board connects businesses and individuals around the world with job vacancies in a variety of industries. The blockchain and digital currency industries are emerging. However, they are becoming more popular every year. As the blockchain and digital currency industries continue to grow, there will be even greater demand for the skills of those working in these areas.

When you work in the blockchain and digital currencies, you can be at the forefront of innovation and develop solutions that will be ubiquitous across many industries and processes going forward. Thanks to the Bitcoin Associations job board, you can become part of the technological renaissance of blockchain technology and digital currency and continue to build the skills that position you for current and future success.

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