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Projects compete for the attention of investors

The ICO process requires proper presentation of the project to potential token buyers. A company can be in different phases of operation, from start-up to full-fledged company.

Typically, goals, author profiles, a description of the business model, planned changes and other relevant information are presented in a so-called companion sheet.

Rather, the document can be viewed with suspicion as a marketing campaign. Advertising takes place mainly on social networks and in internet forums dedicated to ICOs.

Similar to crowdfunding campaigns, with which ICOs have a lot in common, early adopters of tokens are sometimes rewarded with discounts, coupon bonuses, and other incentives.

The token price can be constant throughout the collection process, but there are also companies that use other mechanisms.

For example, the remuneration is divided into tranches. The distribution of the token pool can be related to the IPO, often a predetermined share goes to the initiators of the campaign.

The tokens are usually distributed automatically; once the payment term has been reached at a certain address, a smart contract is started that issues new units to the participants in the campaign.

It is not always possible to trade tokens immediately after the end of the ICO, as there is sometimes a blocking period on the capital market that is implemented through the mechanisms of a distributed trade repository.

Investing in online casinos through an ICO

According to all economic forecasts, the rapidly growing virtual casino sector will reach $ 1 trillion in sales this year.

The development of online casinos was spurred by the global coronavirus epidemic, which forced users to move from land-based facilities to online. Many customers were satisfied with platform services such as the iluci Casino.

On the other hand, such financial opportunities contributed to the creation of new facilities. Hence, both new and old online casinos need to retain customers in order not to lose their winnings.

Proven methods are already being used. For example, the proven safety of the game, the advent of innovative slot machines, big jackpots, and bonus incentives. However, these methods no longer offer a full-fledged effect.

The user wants to see new trends in his favorite bar. What they include:

  1. Games in messengers and social networks. Customers don’t want to leave convenient resources like Facebook and WhatsApp. Therefore, the provision of such services on popular networks will bring significant profits.

  2. The use of a bot makes it possible to play in the regions where gambling is blocked.

  3. More and more users are abandoning a computer or laptop to just use the phone. Therefore, the smartphone version has to be constantly improved and modernized.

  4. VR casinos have become a new trend. With the unique virtual reality technology, the player feels like in a real casino. This will allow you to delay it in the game as much as possible.

  5. Games with a live dealer are still in fashion and in demand.