ICO updates approach to regulation during coronavirus pandemic


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has released an updated version of its summary of its regulatory approach during the coronavirus pandemic. The document describes how the ICO aims to maintain trust in the use and protection of personal data, while recognizing the potential economic and resource burdens that their actions could place on businesses during the pandemic. The ICO’s regulatory approach is divided into three sections:

  • Working with the Public and Organizations: The ICO plans to continue to identify and rapidly pursue any advice, guidance or tool that is believed to have a significant impact on assisting government agencies and businesses, and to continue to ensure that the Public complaints about information rights concern.
  • Regulatory Actions: The ICO will act “appropriately” in accordance with its Regulatory Action Policy and will continue to take regulatory action against any organization that violates privacy laws, but also consider the current economic outlook before fines are imposed to ensure affordability .
  • Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations: The ICO is committed to ensuring transparency regarding information regulation and expects the authorities to draw up recovery plans to ensure that any backlogs are resolved in a timely manner to ensure compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.