ICO publishes reports from data sharing sandbox


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has produced a number of reports on projects related to road safety, violence reduction and improving rental housing through data sharing.

They are the last three to emerge from the beta phase of their Data Sandbox program to help develop data products and services that have demonstrable public value while also complying with data protection regulations.

One of these was led by police-led technology company Tonic Analytics and Highways England, with the aim of facilitating intelligence actions to reduce the number of road traffic injuries and the incidence of road-related crimes.

Mention the Galileo program, which has focused on applying advanced analytics to large amounts of data and making data exchange between the public and private sectors more efficient.

The second project, led by the Greater London Authority, involves using the multi-agency data platform SafeStats to support the work of the Violence Reduction Unit, which takes a public health approach. The work needs to better understand how to manage public health and social services to reduce crime, with an emphasis on early intervention.

The third was a pilot project on the quality of rental housing led by the Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government and focused on the Blackpool area. It could not be closed due to the pandemic, but the ICO has made a number of recommendations for future reflection.

Chris Taylor, Head of Assurance at the ICO, said the reports on the projects will be incorporated into the beta review and will inform future work on data sharing.

Image from iStock, Eichinger Julien