ICO launches AI toolkit beta | News


United Kingdom – The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has released a beta version of a new toolkit on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and privacy risks.

The toolkit, which follows an alpha version released in March 2021, contains risk warnings that will help companies using AI to process personal data identify potential risks to the information rights of individuals.

Suggestions for best practices on organizational and technical measures to manage or mitigate the risks of AI and to comply with data protection law are also included in the toolkit.

The toolkit reflects the audit framework developed by the ICO’s internal audit and investigation teams.

In the beta phase of the toolkit, it will be tested on live examples of AI systems that process personal data. The final version of the toolkit is expected to be available in December 2021.

Alister Pearson, Senior Policy Officer for Technology and Innovation Services at the ICO, said: “This framework provides us with a clear methodology for auditing AI applications and ensuring that personal data is processed in accordance with the law.

“If your company uses AI to process personal data, by following this toolkit you can have a high level of confidence that you are complying with data protection laws.”