ICO chief chairs conference of camel experts to discuss cultural legacy of camels


RIAD – Sheikh Fahad Bin Falah Bin Hithlin, founder and president of the International Camel Organization (ICO), chaired the International Expert Conference of Camel International and UNESCO on Tuesday.

The conference entitled “Cultural Practices on Camel Traditions to Advance Sustainable Development Goals” was initiated by Sheikh Fahad Bin Hithlin in the presence of UNESCO’s Deputy Director General for Culture, Ernesto Ottone, and several international speakers with camel expertise. This conference will be broadcast on the main UNESCO platform.

The conference is the first global event on the UNESCO platform dedicated to discussing the cultural heritage of camels. Topics will be the preservation of the living cultural heritage embodied in camel traditions, the sustainability of local camel grazing practices for economic and social development, the use of camel-based practices to conserve biodiversity, adapt and mitigate climate change, and strengthen evidence for scientific and social development educational dimension of the camel tradition.

On that occasion, Sheikh Fahad Bin Hithlin pointed out the importance of having a presence on an international cultural platform such as UNESCO and working with it to highlight the heritage and culture of camels through a conference where selected camel professionals will speak for the first time international level. At the end of the conference there will be global recommendations for the further development of all areas of the camel sector.

Sheikh Fahad added: “I thank UNESCO for this cooperation and active partnership as well as all conference speakers from around the world.”

The International Camel Organization is a non-profit organization based in Riyadh that was founded by Sheikh Fahad Bin Hithlin in March 2019. It currently has around 105 member states on the six continents of the world. It aims to develop and nurture all camel-related legacies. – SPA