Helios Groups, a Hong Kong Based Wealth Management Firm, is Ready to Launch its ICO, PNP Coin


Helios Groups is a Hong Kong-based asset management company that has announced that it will launch the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) PNP Coin in May. It is a regulated cryptocurrency that companies can use to invest their money over the long term.

Helios Groups assists a wide variety of companies investing in emerging markets, namely Forex & Commodities Trading, SBLC, Insurance, etc. As of 2011, the company has made many different and significant investments in various sectors.

The company has launched more than 250 successful projects and invested $ 19.45 billion through 2020. Helios Groups strives for strong communication between its customers and the global market.

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) helps companies expand by exploring new market opportunities. It is easier for companies to participate in ICOs than IPOs to generate funding from their supporters and fans. The ICO, PNP Coin, offers investors a great opportunity to invest in new coins with high security.

PNP Coin is a financing platform for companies and works with blockchain technology. The regulated cryptocurrency follows all the regulations of the cryptocurrency world. PNP Coin is a venture funding platform and will become a leading cryptocurrency in the future.

Given the market volatility of unregulated cryptocurrencies, it is a good decision by the Helios Groups to launch PNP Coin. The regulated cryptocurrency is suitable for investors and companies.

Investors can invest in PNP Coin for the long term via ICO in order to make a profit in their hands. Soon, PNP coins are expected to take a good position in the crypto market just like other cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH.