Four Up-and-Coming Crypto Derivatives Exchanges to Watch in 2021


Derivatives are one of the fastest growing crypto markets, with futures volume far exceeding the spot. Previously reserved for pro traders only, futures exchanges have lowered the barriers to entry, making it easier for beginners to get involved in futures products. Make the most of this new generation of stock market balances that offer high leverage products and ensure traders understand the underlying workings of the market and the risks involved. Here are four of the best new futures exchanges to watch out for in 2021.


Although StormGain is not available to US citizens and other select countries due to regulatory restrictions, StormGain is working to establish itself as one of the leading exchanges for crypto derivatives. StormGain supports the purchase of cryptocurrencies with fiat currency and offers a wide range of products and solutions in addition to a no-commission trading platform. Users can access financial products that go beyond trading standard cryptocurrency derivatives, such as: B. Leveraged Token.

StormGain is focused on becoming an all-in-one crypto platform that also offers wallet services, mining services, educational materials, interest generating deposit accounts, a loyalty program and much more. With a weekly volume of over $ 1.28 billion, StormGain has captured a corner of the derivatives market.


From humble beginnings, Bingbon has grown to be a mainstay of the derivatives market thanks to its intuitive platform, multitude of trading pairs, easy access to funds, and local acceptance. A really nice feature that is not available on most futures exchanges and that attracts a lot of newbies is the “Copy Trading” option. With this method, any Bingbon user can follow an experienced trader on the platform and copy his trades to mimic his trading strategy and get maximum profits. Given that the best copy dealers available on the platform are generating well over a hundred percent annual return on investment, it’s no surprise that Bingbon is seeing such rapid adoption.

Bingbon is now expanding into new global markets. The exchange has already built a significant user base in new and emerging markets such as Latin America and Turkey, and plans to continue to benefit from markets that its competitors overlook. On Bingbon, you can buy cryptocurrency using fiat, trading derivatives and contracts underlined with various assets, following some of the most successful traders in the market and keeping your crypto safe. These are just a few of the factors that support the stock market’s accelerated growth.


Phemex has already started to cement itself as a prominent crypto derivatives exchange, but it still has plenty of room for growth. Serving a global audience, Phemex offers its users spot and margin trading on a variety of cryptocurrency assets. The exchange is very accessible, available on desktop or cell phone, and incentivizes new users with large giveaways. Phemex is currently offering one million Dogecoin freebies for new users, trading bonuses of up to $ 600 on new deposits, and a separate freebie where you can win a PS5 and up to $ 500 for opening a Phemex savings account.

Phemex offers its users powerful and advanced platform capabilities with a trading engine capable of executing over 300,000 trade orders per second. With 24/7 multilingual customer support, Phemex provides a welcoming environment for beginners and advanced users alike


The last promising futures exchange to consider is CoinTiger, another one-stop shop designed to provide value to its users throughout the cryptocurrency investment lifecycle. Like most of the exchanges mentioned, CoinTiger offers spot trading, leveraged trading, futures and a fiat onramp on one robust and easy-to-use platform.

A unique selling point of CoinTiger is the Tiger Bank, an exchange-based investment product for crypto assets. This gives platform users access to fixed income products such as Monthly Earnings Growth and Fixed Income options, and offers more options that are traditionally only available through older financial institutions. These flexible products allow users who are largely excluded from traditional financial services the opportunity for everyone to grow and maintain their prosperity.

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