Blockchain and Bitcoin development talents are in great demand. This means good salaries, career security and interesting, dedicated work as one of the first pioneers of the world’s largest and fastest growing technology trend. Thanks to the Bitcoin Association, you can now search the market for jobs in Bitcoin from the world’s leading companies in one place.

The Bitcoin Association’s job board allows employers in blockchain and bitcoin to post listings for career opportunities and has quickly become a place to find out about new positions in bitcoin development.

Bitcoin Association founding president Jimmy Nguyen said the job board provides an essential service to employers and workers across the industry: “Anyone looking for career opportunities at Bitcoin SV can find it on the Bitcoin Association job board. The job exchange offers all companies the opportunity to upload their job offers. “

The job board already lists a number of blockchain and bitcoin development careers from several different employers, listing positions that range from flexible roles to working in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Lithuania and the Philippines pass.

The Bitcoin Association itself has listed a number of roles, including for a curriculum content specialist and a technical curriculum specialist.

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The Curriculum Content Specialist is a remote role seeking a candidate with the skills and knowledge to “create training plans including curriculum content and assessments”. The task is to create course content and other materials as well as to lead and conduct training courses on Bitcoin SV. The candidate is also expected to monitor and report on the effectiveness of their training programs and oversee the conduct of their training with the Bitcoin Association.

Available as a remote role or outside of offices in London and / or Ljubljana, Slovenia, the technical curriculum specialist will be tasked with developing the onboarding process for companies and organizations new to Bitcoin SV. The successful applicant needs a more technical background and is working with the Bitcoin Association and nChain to provide technical documentation for Bitcoin SV users.

A number of management positions are currently being advertised on the factory marketplace for digital assets. These include the Chief Revenue Officer, the Vice President Sales, the Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Banking and Payments. The roles are being advertised at a time of rapid growth for the company, which operates out of the United States and Canada.

BANXA currently has a number of open roles in Australia, the Philippines and Lithuania. This includes business analyst, fraud and payments specialist, compliance analyst and product manager at the Fiat-to-Crypto gateway company.

TonicPow is looking for contractors who can collaborate with their team and are available as remote roles from anywhere in the world. When looking for a ReactJS / Gatsby contractor or a Flutter contractor, the part-time positions support TonicPow in building an advertising model that is compatible with the Bitcoin future.

Other vacancies are at TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. (CSE: TAAL | FWB: 9SQ1 | OTC: TAALF), HandCash, Elas Digital, Vaionex Corporation and nChain in a variety of different disciplines and career specialties. For anyone already in or around the blockchain space, or considering a career change in that direction, these opportunities are a powerful incentive to promote the world’s smartest and best companies in the industry.

All positions listed on the job exchange offer opportunities in this rapidly growing, dynamic sector. As the development of Bitcoin and Blockchain becomes increasingly central to the global economy in the coming decades, these specialized, highly rewarding roles are likely to become even more in demand.

Check out the Bitcoin Association job board today and find your new career on the blockchain.

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