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Ethereum – Pantera Capital’s ICO Fund Grows 500% in 2020 – Latest news, breaking news, headlines on top notch news


Pantera Capital, an ICO-focused fund, rose 500% in 2020. The comparable indicator from the Bitcoin fund was 299%, according to Block.

First, the Pantera ICO Fund has invested in Filecoin, 0x, and entirely different protocol development tasks across the blockchain ecosystem.

Then, based mostly on Dan Morehead, the current market environment is completely different from 2017. Traders are much more focused on Bitcoin and Ethereum than during the previous rally.

Finally, Morehead points out that these two cryptocurrencies made up 86% of the market’s overall market cap. The remaining 5000 altcoins share the remaining 14%.

We remind you that on January 14, the CEO of Pantera Capital forecast an increase in the price of Bitcoin to USD 115,000 by August 2021.

Morehead had previously given an optimistic forecast for Ethereum and XRP.

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