DFW Based BluCollar to launch bold new ICO and NFT Marketplace


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April 5, 2021 – Fort Worth, Texas

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency and NFT (Non-Fungible-Token), BluCollar.io is launching its first ICO benefiting from an underserved market – the manufacturing industry. With few channels to invest in, this $ 2,334.60 billion (2018) industry in the US alone, BluCollar seeks to translate these financial transactions and assets into digital space by harnessing the exploding world of NFTs through its own market.

“After years of working in the manufacturing industry, we have found that not only do we have a tremendous amount of transactions going on around the world that need to move more freely than traditional currency infrastructure to keep up, but we’re also sitting on one Insane amount of real assets to use as tokens to raise capital. We thought we couldn’t be the only ones in this position, so BluCollar was born ”- says Sam Bohon, founder of BluCollar

With a two-part strategy to launch this beautiful new marketplace, BluCollar will launch its token in the cryptocurrency market first. Based on the standard of Ethereum, by far the most popular open source blockchain for cryptocurrencies on the market, supported by VISA, PayPal and popular prominent investors such as Mark Cuban and Richard Sherman, BluCollar Token is about to have a successful ICO launch from May 15 to August 15, 2021 at BluCollar.io.

Of course, this is just the beginning. The BluCollar NFT Marketplace is the real hero of the show, allowing manufacturing companies, including metalworking, construction and supplying companies, to label their assets and sell them as NFTs. These assets can include digital drawings, marketable blueprints and circuit diagrams, and real assets such as consumables, equipment, and commercial real estate. This enables companies themselves to raise much-needed capital and make investable property available to employees and the public looking for a new investment stream. And of course, the currency that drives the market will be BluCollar Token, in and of itself an investable crypto asset.

“Ultimately, we want to help our industry enter the digital age and enable the traditionally traditional environment to maximize its financial performance. From the staff on the floor to the top CEOs, we can all benefit from BluCollar together and we can’t wait to get it started! “Says Sam.

After the token and marketplace launch, BluCollar has no plans to rest on its laurels. With a pipeline of spin-off projects like Token and NFT deployments and a massive PR campaign already in the works, the sky’s the limit for spreading awareness of what a really massive and investable industry Resource this really is and where we are right now the beginning.

Sam Bohon – Founder / BluCollar
Phone: (214) 302-7564
Email: info@blucollar.io

6737 Wayfarer trl
Fort Worth, TX

BluCollar was designed to provide the manufacturing industry with a cryptocurrency and NFT marketplace that represents and empowers the true workforce and to disrupt the financial constraints of the current marketplace.

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