DAEM Technology Launches ixWallet and the First Bitcoin Red Packet in Hong Kong to Promote Blockchain Payment Education

DAEM Technology Limited (DAEM Technology), a wholly owned subsidiary of the ixFintech Group, announced its new product, the ixWallet. ixWallet is a truly distributed ledger wallet, which means that all user savings are on the blockchain. Users can use it to send / receive digital assets as well as check the ixCrypto index. The wallet application is now available on both the AppStore (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android).

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In addition, to make ixWallet easier to download and use and to promote blockchain education, DAEM Technology launched the first Bitcoin Red Packet campaign in Hong Kong. The campaign is used to research the development of digital payments and to collect customer feedback.

Red Packet, also known as “Lai See”, “Red Envelope” or “Lucky Money”, is a monetary gift given on holidays such as Chinese New Year or on special occasions such as weddings in China and other Eastern countries and Southeast Asian societies.

To create the red bitcoin package, customers must first find our Digital Asset Exchange Machine (DAEM) and deposit cash to exchange for bitcoin or ethereum. The entire process is self-explanatory and can be easily followed using the instructions displayed on the screen. For those without a digital wallet, a paper wallet with Bitcoin / Ethereum is provided. Customers can then place the wallet with the Bitcoin together with a QR code downloaded from ixWallet in our DAEM Red Packet Envelope and pass it on to relatives or friends. Alternatively, you can download the ixWallet app from the Apple and Android stores to save your Bitcoin first instead of using the paper wallet.

In addition, following the announcement that the DAEM would land in Cyberport, Hong Kong, DAEM was recognized by Metro Radio and KPMG with the Hong Kong Fintech Impetus Awards 2020 and “Start Up of the Year” and by ETNet with the Hong Kong Fintech Awards 2020 .

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“Red Packet is one of the most famous traditional Chinese elements. The Bitcoin Red Packet is a very happy and meaningful campaign for us that gives people the opportunity to experience blockchain payments,” said Irene Wong, founder and CEO of IX Fintech Group. “The awards we have won also inspire us to move forward. We welcome everyone to visit our experiment shop and bring home a Bitcoin Red packet.”

For more information on DAEM, ixWallet, and Bitcoin Red Packet, please visit our website http://daemtech.com/ or our experiment shop on 2 Catchick Street in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong (near the Bank of) China.

About DAEM Technology and the ixFintech Group

DAEM Technology Limited (DAEM Technology) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the ixFintech Group, which is committed to developing the digital financial world. The flagship is the Digital Asset Exchange Machine (DAEM). The first prototype of the machine was completed in May 2020 and officially landed in Cyberport, Hong Kong, in December 2020. The machine was awarded the Fintech Impetus Awards 2020 – Basic Technology – Blockchain in Hong Kong by Metro Radio and KPMG in December 2020, and the Hong Kong Fintech Awards 2020 for wealth investment and management by ETNet in January 2021.

ixFintech announced the founding of the ixFintech Group in August 2020. As a former participant of the Cyberport Hong Kong Incubation Program in 2016, ixFintech launched the ixOption app in August 2018, which was awarded the ET Net Fintech Award 2018. Awarded the “Top 10 Trading Solution Providers in APAC 2019” by CIO magazine in the USA.

Via DAEM and ixWallet

The Digital Asset Exchange Machine (DAEM) is the first next-generation De-Fi ATM installed with post-quantum computing security. The machine enables the exchange between cash and digital assets (cryptocurrencies, tokens with real asset backed and security tokens) with three security levels. DAEM Technology aims to work with its decentralized ixWallet to create the best financial framework for next generation digital assets to facilitate the exchange between traditional assets and digital assets. Instantly converting different currencies also makes it easier to transfer payments worldwide. The whole system is really decentralized, which means that customers’ savings are all in the blockchain, but not in the machine. The machine is also equipped with a full set of KYC functions for future regulatory adoption. The machine is also equipped with patented technology from a Canadian partner IronCap. Every transaction here is triple protected by network security, time-protected tokens (e.g. OTP) and cryptographic technology that supercomputers cannot hack.

Website: http://daemtech.com/

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