As the volume of newly introduced tokens grows day by day, Influence launched a revolutionary platform to provide holistic influencer-driven exposure to tokens that deserve and need it.

July 15, 2021, Tallinn, Estonia: The crypto industry has a unique marketing environment – being a cutting-edge industry, traditional (even digital-traditional) marketing strategies have proven ineffective at attracting the attention and interest of today’s crypto consumers. The younger crowd, who use a lot of social media, rely more on word of mouth than on ads or news. According to the latest research, the influencer market is set to hit nearly $ 14 billion this year, and it’s no wonder this paradigm shift is being felt in the cryptosphere.

Take the example of Elon’s Musk’s infamous support for Dogecoin. The latest tweet bounced back from the 10% drop it had seen the day before. A tweet could be the life or death of the next breakthrough in digital assets. This is the power of influencers in crypto.

Coinfluence: The crypto influencer platform of the future

Influence solves the marketing problem of crypto influencers by connecting upcoming projects with a plethora of high-ranking influencers. The result is an environment where projects get access to high quality social media influencers who can attract the right crowd and increase the chances of getting off to a successful start as the influencers become part of the next breakthrough in cryptography and fantastic win-win -Situations create situations. And of course, a good project doesn’t necessarily lead to a successful one if it stays under the radar. Having access to a wide range of influencers means it gets the right attention and puts it on the map where it really belongs.

Coinfluence achieves this with a tightly knit set of strategies. First of all, every project to be included in the list must undergo a rigorous quality check based on a variety of factors so that only thoroughly checked projects can be listed. This creates a cleaner and better option for investors while protecting the market from scams, rug pulls and bad players.

At the center of this entire ecosystem is the CFLU token, which is intended to support projects and influencers in achieving mutually beneficial results. Approved projects can hold their token sales through the launchpad, where the community can purchase their tokens through CFLU. Every transaction is taxed, with the amount paid out towards liquidity, stake bonuses and marketing. At the same time, the deflationary token model should drive the CFLU price up.

CFLU token sales event

The economy behind the Confluence ecosystem is the Binance Smart Chain-based BEP-20 compliant CFLU token. According to the principles of deflation, there are a total of 1 billion CFLUs, of which 650 million are already in the currently ongoing token sale. The event is phase-based, with each of the 100 successful phases gradually increasing the price of the CFLU (currently phase 1 is priced at $ 0.0056 USD per 1 CFLU).

Of the 650 million CFLU, 100 million were made available to fund the platform developers. To give confidence to projects, influencers and users of CFLU, the team is given a release schedule to access 20% of the funds, while the rest is released on a regular basis. This ensures that rugpulls are guaranteed against.

An innovative tax system is also a unique approach where 10% of all transactions are deducted, with 4% going to the liquidity pools, 4% to token holders and 2% for marketing and expansion. In addition, every 10th transaction of the first 1000 transactions receives 5000 bonus tokens as a reward. Visit the Coinfluence ICO platform to Get your CFLU tokens today.

Present and Future

The Influence The concept was implemented in early 2021. In addition, the Coinfluence team has achieved the onboarding of a large number of influencers and has set itself the goal of 100,000 top influencers as part of its enrollment program. Coinfluence is also building on global collaborations and CFLU listing on major exchanges to provide the daily user with more liquidity and access to the CFLU ecosystem. Confluence also intends to list CFLU on major coin monitoring platforms such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, as well as the portfolio tracker Blockfolio, to raise awareness and increase information transparency.

Coinfluence will later launch its mobile app for on-the-go access. Confluence will also roll out its own launchpad, providing projects with a one-stop solution for top influencers and the many nuances that go with project setup and launch at the same time. Eventually, Coinfluence will create its own news platform, the Coinfluence News Network, to keep its users and the public informed of the latest happenings in the industry.

Visit the Coinfluence ICO platform to Get your CFLU tokens today.

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