WARSAW, Poland, June 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Bitcoin Vault (BTCV), a cryptocurrency project co-developed by serial entrepreneur Eyal Avramovich and operated and managed by blockchain development company Electric Vault, recently entered a pioneering partnership with ESE. known Europe (ESE), a European entertainment and technology company focused on gaming and esports, to co-produce and distribute a gaming talent show in five countries: China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Brazil.

The production contract drives the common goal of BTCV and ESE to combine cryptocurrency and gaming in one ecosystem. This partnership also drives BTCV Coin to expand its presence and services in the global esports and gaming markets. BTCV is known for being the only Proof of Work (PoW) cryptocurrency that offers reversible transaction functionality on an immutable blockchain, adding a new layer to the safety of users.

“Esports is a fast growing industry and a driver for fintech based on cryptocurrencies. These industries are already working together and we want to do our part in the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. We are pleased that we can work with such an experienced partner as ESE on a joint project for the global gaming community where young amateurs can show their skills. We are excited to support the crypto and gaming community, “said Radek Popiel, Chief Communications Officer at BTCV.

The talent show will feature promising amateur esports people striving to become professionals. Young gamers show their skills in fast-growing mobile games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Peacekeeper Elite.

In the meantime, ESE will manage the production and infrastructure of the show, including developing the project concept, media plan, technology implementation, marketing and the entire campaign rollout. Other partners involved in the project are VYRAL Producer of Gaming Projects, VidWe, Converters and Next Level Agency.

“ESE is actively exploring new and innovative ways to integrate cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-based payment solutions into the gaming and eSports world. We’re excited to be running this great gaming talent show with Bitcoin Vault in markets that are global leaders in eSports and gaming. “Says Jedrzej Steszewski, ESE Director for EU Operations.

A series of gaming tournaments will be held in China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Brazil from June 2021 to the end of the year. Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) will gain access to the new markets and new target groups and create potential for new partnerships within the growing eSports industry.

“China, Japan and South Korea are some of the largest markets in the world by gaming revenue,” notes Eyal Avramovich. “We are excited to partner with ESE to bring Bitcoin Vault to a new, highly dedicated global audience of esports enthusiasts.”

Via Bitcoin Vault

Elektrischer Tresor Sp. Z oo is a blockchain development company that manages the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Vault (BTCV). The BTCV project started in 2019 and is considered to be the only Proof of Work (PoW) cryptocurrency that offers reversible transaction functionality on an immutable blockchain, adding a new layer to the security of users. To learn more, visit: https://bitcoinvault.global/

About ESE

ESE is a Europe-based entertainment and technology company focused on games, especially esports. ESE is made up of multiple assets and world-class operators in the gaming and esports industries. Skills include physical infrastructure, broadcasting, global distribution of game and esports related content, advertising, sponsorship support, and a growing esports team franchise, K1CK Esports. ESE focuses on bridging Europe, Asia and North America. www.ese.gg

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