Bitcoin Pioneer Charlie Shrem Explores Expanding Into Film In Big Way – Deadline

Bitcoin mogul Charlie Shrem, one of the pioneers and evangelists of the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, supports his first film project and plans to do more.

Shrem’s first project as executive producer is Ask Me to Dance, a romantic comedy starring Briana Evigan (Step Up), Mario Cantone (Sex and the City), Joyce DeWitt (Three’s Company) and Tom Malloy (Love N ‘Dancing). . It is now being shot in Rochester, New York, with Malloy as the writer / director of the Trick Candle Productions feature.

Jason Chambers (Human Weapon), Julianne Arrieta (Reagan), Courtney Warner (The Instant Messenger), Jesse Kove (Cobra Kai), Catherine Mary Stewart (Weekend at Bernies) and Kurt Angle (former WWE Champion and Olympic gold medalist) are also on board.

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Shrem discovered Bitcoin as a college senior. He then founded BitInstant, a service that makes it easy to convert money into Bitcoin. It grew to provide an estimated 30 percent of all Bitcoin transactions at any given point in time.

After some legal issues related to the money transfer that resulted in a brief prison sentence, Shrem showed up and began climbing back. He has served as a consultant on a number of cryptocurrency projects and recently launched a podcast and website.

“I started my Untold Stories podcast two years ago and realized that I love media,” said Shrem. “Ask Me to Dance is my first non-crypto project. I hope that I can bring the same passion and talent from the Bitcoin field to the film. “

Shrem sees others following his path. “There’s a lot of overlap between film, new media and finance. Many of those who have found their fortune in crypto will try to do things where they can express their creativity and make money at the same time. “

Shrem, who lives in Florida, said he plans to spend “a quarter of the year in Los Angeles” while advancing his filming endeavors.

In the film, Malloy and Evigan portray Jack and Jill, two people in love who have looked for their soulmates in the wrong places. When a fortune teller separately informs them that they will meet the love of their life before the New Year – just five days away – dating madness begins when both of them go from one weird and chaotic date to the next. As the year ends, their desperation increases.

Shrem and Sean King are the project’s EPs, with Ron Newcomb (Rise of the Fellowship) and Michelle Alexandria (#Screamers) producing. XYZ Films takes care of sales in the USA, Glass House Distribution takes care of sales abroad.

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