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The cryptocurrency is rising this week. It is the first major rebound since the June decline. However, most of the investors in the cryptocurrency era are newbies and do not know it. It is normal, a historical fact, that the currency trading markets fall in June and September. The leap forward in 2021 is the only thing that investors should be focusing on. The opportunity is ripe as Amazon has posted a cryptocurrency job, Safetitan Token for DEFI has its ICO launch on August 14th, and DogeCoin becomes incredibly commercial.

Amazon accepts cryptos: BTC, ETH, ADA, BCH, more

The mainstream media spotlight on cryptos has never been so big. Amazon rumors shocked the world last week when it was said that the e-commerce Goliath would accept Bitcoin by the end of 2021. This upset the cryptocurrency market, sending Bitcoin up to $ 40,000 and other major coins in parallel with the growth.

According to the London website City.AM, Amazon would accept BTC first, likely before “the end of the year,” before moving on to at least eight alternative coins, including Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

This special “inside information” could not be verified. And since then, unfortunately, Jeff Bezos had an Amazon representative deny these specific rumors.

“Despite our interest in space, the speculation that has arisen about our specific plans for cryptocurrencies is not true,” said the spokesman.

Nonetheless, it is true that Amazon is looking for a way to accept cryptocurrencies. Plus, the trillion-dollar company is likely to create its own crypto coin. ON Job offers for a ‘Digital Currency and Blockchain Lead’ has been posted on their official website. The new employee will be responsible for laying the foundation stone or roadmap for Amazon’s path into the crypto industry. These include distributed ledgers, cryptocurrency, blockchain and central bank digital currencies (CBDC).

This means that from 2021 onwards, Amazon will actually start testing new cryptocurrency technologies and brands, or possibly ideas on how to use them.

SafeTitan ICO starts now on August 14th

The Chinese cryptocoin SafeTitan ($ STTN) has postponed its ICO start to August 14th. Eagerly anticipated, the 3 Phases released will enable the brand to take a crypto supermoon shot. Possibly one of the largest tokens since SafeMoon.

With Binance recently overtaking Ethereum in all coin transactions in one day, the new cryptocurrency is perfectly geared towards breaking records in initial coin supply.

Safetitan is a BNB-paired token. The founders firmly believe in the Binance blockchain and plan to become one of, if not the most popular BEP20 tokens for decentralized financial lending (DeFi). The brand is also heavily focused on solving cryptocurrency issues in China and Latin American countries. Safetitan will lower gas fees for cross-border payments, which is common to family members who help others in places like. arouses great interest Venezuela, Cuba or Serbia.

In phase 3 of business development, the new cryptocoin suggests that it will be more than a token with a usage-based ROI. That China coin There are also plans to develop and set up a secondary crypto loan option. Crypto money that can be loaned to other users via a secured smart contract.

This lending campaign is carried out on the SafeTitan DeFi exchange. This will take some time and user habits studies. Not yet released, it is in development according to STTN token’s official website,

Those looking for a new cryptocurrency ICO to invest in must register today through SafeTitan’s website (here). The opportunity to register for the Initial Coin Offering ends on August 9th. STTN tokens will be available for purchase on the ICO start date, August 14th, at a price of $ 0.005 (USD).

With cryptos currently going up, this could be one of the last crypto super moon shot opportunities in 2021. At least one for such a low price. The market as a whole could see a huge surge in October, possibly even September. This will also lead to an increase in ICO prices.

Historical data shows normal drops in June and September

With people concerned about the plunge in share prices since June, real investors are doubling.

A well-studied investor knows that there are always downturns in business in the months of June and September. There are historical data that trace this back to 1950 wealth.

This is probably why Amazon Day is held these months to keep sales numbers going. It creates a buying frenzy that makes your company value appear golden in times of “drought”. Most brands don’t worry, however, they just plan the break-in.

The reason for these drop-offs is not exactly clear. However, there are many different theories on the subject. Some outages even from August 22nd to September 19th are caused by evil spirits roaming the earth calling them:Ghost month. “

Regardless of the reasons given, you can plan the break-in and use the given historical data. It is a great time to shop. The expected upward rocket for cryptos is in late September or early October. However, it could be even earlier, say some analysts. It depends on what happens in early August ..

Mastercards and Visa Crypto credit cards

The year 2021 will be one of the biggest years for cryptocurrency as it will make it easier to access tools for spending coins. In particular, Visa sets up debit cards for instant transactions. All of the major crypto exchanges have one, from Coinbase to And Mastercard brings its “Start path program“To build exchanges with crypto.

These deals open the door to the potential of billions of dollars of newly formed crypto transaction trends that are being born. More coin pieces are used. More people will habitually spend.

Those billions of dollars in transactions are important as the value of cryptocurrency is based on ease of use. As soon as the entire supply of coins is used up, people start buying “bits of a coin”. And as with anything that is in high demand, the price goes up as more bits are requested by cryptocurrency users.

But maybe this is too technical for some.

For the layman, everyone wants a piece of the pie. The algorithm evaluates the pieces of cake based on demand. The more people want a disc, the higher the price for a thinner disc. And this cake is so good that people do anything for a little taste. The richest will be the only ones who can have a “broken”.

The reason to invest in cryptocurrency now is not difficult to understand. It is destined to reach astronomical heights as the world becomes more “trained” to use crypto coins.

BEP20 tokens like SafeTitan ($ STTN) are expected to be a critical investment in Q3 2021. Binance Cryptocurrency is currently rising thanks to the market share these BNB-paired tokens are starting to take over.

GameFi and CryptoBlades

According to the Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zha, on July 31, the BinanceSmartChain has processed 10 million transactions. This was almost 10 times the amount Ethereum had that day, 1.2 million transactions. And what’s even more impressive, BSC is ready to handle 20 million transactions every day.

The GameFi craze that has broken out for Binance has a particularly hot release called “CryptoBlades”. It’s growing fast and could soon reach a million users. In July alone, over 621,000 users played and these players enjoy the benefits of entertainment to the fullest. CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn game model where users earn profits for playing.

What is the purpose of such a game? This is used to motivate people to buy the Binance BNB cryptocurrency and learn to “swap” for a BEP20 token like SafeTitan ($ STTN). A swap exchange like Pancake Swap or ApeSwap would handle the trade.

In the game, users will then do things like swap characters or swap weapons. These promotions are coupled with BNB gas fees, which make trading Binance tokens second nature. It cultivates a BEP20 and BNB token culture.

If the GameFI craze continues, Binance and paired tokens could skyrocket in Q3 or Q4 2021. Beating Ethereum is a great achievement of any blockchain as ETH is considered a token to outperform Bitcoin.

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